It's about work..time and stress!

9:58 PM

hello readers..

hohoho..dah masuk March dah kan... jap2 nak buat countdown sket... just 4days left before 5th Mac kan..kan..  hehehe

back to the real story... nowadays memang sangat letih... i'm tired with works.. i'm tired of being a scapegoat and i'm tired to looking at the accounts...being a scapegoat? hehehe.. memang sangat letih when u meet a person that wont admit his mistake... asyik nak cari salah orang je... who is the person? of course my bos.. alo.. letih sungguh dengan kerenah dia.. i'm tired of being such like his slave... I need a chance to survive outside.. I need new job so that i can quit from there..

but one thing i can be sure of.. yang now I think i'm much much better than previous.. from zero to a stage that i think i can be proud of myself.. kenapa? dulu while still study it took long time for me to understand accounting.. but while practic the accounting skill, everything seems easy.. boleh la jawab if someone ask me.. rasa macam bangga sangat... what i need now is.. do lot of accounting..explore it much deeper.. and i must learn from day to day.. chaiyok shida... kalau boleh i just want to get my M.I.A member that it requires 3 years experience in accounting and auditing field!

back to my working life.. ala.. nowadays mmg agak pack la.. need to do 2-3 works at one time.. xkan nak menolak kan.. we have to be professional.. kadang2 member nak bertanya xkan nak buat bodo je.. so,its teaches me to appreciate time.. be so particular when doing job.. and kadang rasa sangat selekeh while doing the job.. mcm xda masa nak fikirkan benda lain.. and sometimes it drives me to the stress level..

but, i'm a bit lucky to have that very understanding so thankful to have them.. at  least part of the stress part of the messy things can be thrown away... kalau xda diorang i think i'm drowing kot kat office tu.. hahaha...

and time.. till now i think i spent less time on myself.. nak shopping pun sometimes xda sape nak accompany... huhu meanwhile gaji pun bukan banyak mana pun.. tolak bayar hutang2.. what else left for myself.. huhu that is why the important for me to swing the environment of work.. nak cari kerja baru.. but yet the chance is not coming lagi... i'm tired of waiting.. i'm tired of giving hope...

hehehe for the mean time.. everything should be moving as usual.. as normally i should do.. no regret at all even sometimes it did.. hehehe... just take it part of life experience...

i think i should stop by now.. will be writing again soon.. have a nice day all!

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