Istana Melawati

10:45 PM

Last wednesday erm.. on 14th May.. i went to KL.. actually my dad di anugerahkan pingat P.P.N stands for Pingat Pangkuan Negara.. rasanya la.. of course ada istiadat pengurniaan darjah2 seangkatan dengannya..

sebelum ni that kinda event di buat kat Istana Negara.. last 3 years my mum pun dapat pingat yang sama.. and istiadat tu dibuat di Istana negara.. this time tempat tu ditukar di Istana Melawati di Putrajaya.. tempat dia Ya ALLAH chantek seh.. besar giler kalah la rumah2 kita... lebih besar dari stadium bukit jalil.. even bigger than Istana Negara.. as i known, Istana Negara dulu was a chinese residence before government made a decision to buy it to make it as Kediaman Rasmi Yang Di Pertuan Agong.

teruja sangat dapat masuk sana.. yerlah, it's not easy for people like us to enter that palace.. i just went on the day of rehersal jer.. yg real punya xdapat nak pergi.. most of all.. bangga sangat coz both of my parents dianugerahkan darjah kebesaran tu.. as a children of course we feel proud coz we are given special person as mum and dad.. itu semua hasil kerja keras they all.. lobby2.. kipas2 do not exist to reach at the stage.. yeah.. part of malaysian they do the activity to get what they want..

erm..u know what.. on the day of rehersal.. dapatlah aku jumpa our traditional sarawakian.. coz their ears panjang sangat.. usually we just heard or watch it on tv but that day aku dapat tgk dengan real betapa panjangnyer telinga orang veteran sarawak.. i did ask them to take photo.. luckily those aunties so sporting.. that shows that Malaysian are unique.. tapi xtau pulak whether amalan telinga panjang ni still diamalkan di sarawak.. dun u ever think.. it's unique to have long ears.. those yang anting2 lovers to sure xsuke coz that can't show their anting2 at all.. yg mengerlip-ngerlip ngan berlian tu of course x nampak sangat as it only can be seen if we faced with public on.. tgk dari blkang totally x first stage mesti sakit kan coz they have to wear anting2 yang berat untuk memanjangkan telinga.. i juz can imagine how they do that.. for me nak bertindik pun sakit..

so..this is what we call Malaysia.. we do have various of race..tradition,religion but we are under one roof.. we do share others tradition tanpa melupakan our own tradition.. we need each other to harmonized our country..

being in Istana Melawati is such a precious moment in my life.. i can learn a bit how royal family arrange their life..they have their own field for football, netball, futsal.. their own maid, interior design, driver, security guard, and they have everything in their life.. so when is ur time to go to Istana Melawati?

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