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hari ni bersamaan dengan 16hb mei merupakan sambutan HARI GURU... well.. to all teachers, happy teachers day to you! 

So, to all my teachers @SK Kerayong [91-93] @SK Sri Buntar [94-96] @ SMK Bandar Kerayong [97-99] @ SM Teknik Juasseh [00-01] @ SMK Mengkarak [02], UiTM Kampus Jengka  & UiTM Kampus Dungun [02-08]...

Thank you for everything..
You taught me as easy as ABC...123 until i know what goes around in this world
from knowing nothing.. now I'm well knowledge in Maths, Language, Communication, Self confidence, Science and almost everything eventho its not in the syllabus.. 
You taught me how to face the world... 
and We had shared the precious moment together for a long time.. 

Eventho I am not PERFECT student..You taught me to be a human.. to be someone that i used to be.. to be for what I am today... 
You never stop giving encouragement..and you never feel tired to share your experience..
You never give up in giving me the knowledge.. You gave me hope.. and You never asked for anything for what you have done..

You are just like a candle that have brighten my whole life...
You have guided me to the right path.. 
I owe You for everything.. there's no other word to describe more..
There's no other things in this world that can repay for all your hardship...
Wherever You right now...Thank you for everything.. YOU are the best person in this world...
I always pray for all the good things for you and I LOVE You for my entire life..

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