DIMITAR BERBATOV [Little Entertainer]

3:26 PM


the worst performance ever from Dimitar Berbatov last saturday as he had missed two good chances... bukan for that game saje.. previous game also the same things goes to him.. mensia-siakan peluang mencipta goal.. eventho he has a very good skill but recently he failed to apply it.. hushh... based from last match, he would be consider as little entertainer.. kejar bola pun boleh jatuh.. even depan pntu goal pun sama, kaki tak bedung..

His talent has never been in doubt but, at this stage of the season graft, aggression and character are just as vital qualities.. Kenapa jadi macam nih.. that's why ferguson berfikir-fikir untuk menjual dia gara2 his worst performance.. Itulah, if Tevez still with united... did Fergie regret with it..?? beli mahal2 but at the certain moment, he just an entertainer for united..

Dengan ketiadaan Rooney [i think untill the end of the season because of injury matters] supposed berba took this opportunity to show his special skill and also gain back fergie's trust on him.. we need more from him.. And with Rooney likely to be missing for the final two games with a groin injury, United need the energetic Berbatov .. but, can I count on him for the balance of the game? besides, Ac Milan ready to buy Dimitar Berbatov, are we ready to let him go.. and in the different way, Fergie want to exchange Berba with Frank Ribery on free transfer.. Are we can still get advantage from that too??

Adoiyai...budak berba ni always caused a trouble.. pastu budget xda luck.. padahal mmg benda tuh betul2 depan pintu goal... harap Nani jer tolong.. next season please be much more energetic.. or u will be sold... tau x... sila la mencontohi VDS, Ryan Giggs, Scholes and Neville.. usia bukan penghalang...

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2 jari dompok

  1. sampai hati mu mengutuk my berba. haha.

  2. hahaha sebab geram sangat dengan performance dia lately... geram betull.. tgk nani dah kena kutuk terus naik graf die.. ini kejar bola pun jatuh... mcm boyak pulak..
    uuuu berba...masih menaruh harapan...


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