My WiShLisT... huhuhu

12:25 AM

hahahaha..sounds weird but its true.. even it's impossible to make all of them come true..
ala suka-suka orang kata.. i have my own story too... kan..kan..

1. wanna have a flight ticket to manchester (1st choice)...

2. nak visit OT... meet on live dengan Manchester United punya player.. seriously i want it so badly... and of course it's time to snap snap snap puas-puas...

3. nak jumpa Anuar Zain... nak suruh dia nyanyi lagu My Baby You one more time.. mesti cair kan..

4.  nak jam tangan yang baru

5. again..flight ticket nak gi disneyland dengan seoul,korea..

6. nak always being surrounded by the loves one... family... friends.. or maybe in the future my soulmate kan... hahahahaha..

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