Let Me Be The One...Original version..

9:24 PM

well guys, i love the new song from our boys SS501 titled 'Let Me Be The One'.. But i just found out the story that the song was not originally from our boys...

the song was sang by the producer himself Andre Mieux which was included in his album  "The Tempered Klavier" that released on 2006...

well, don;t worry so much as our boys [ i'm sure] already got the legally permission to sing the song in korean version...with the aid of Steven Lee i guess..

This was the same case which occured last year for the song Love Like this produce by  Sean Alexander
he already composed the song and was sang' by  random people (not official singers)..

I'm looking forward to hear about this soon...

ok..just listen to this song.. it just exactly the same.. but for me.. i love more on SS501 version... hehehe

credit and a big thank to : http://ss501ode.blogspot.com/+MissCoppa

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