EPL title should already be Chelsea’s [ Impossible ]

5:01 PM

hey.. who said it so..[actually ramai wartawan sukan yang berkata begitu.. ada aku kesah] eventho chelshit showed impressive game late this morning..[7-0 over stoke city] it doesnt matter the title will goes to them.. Chelsea will face Liverfool this weekend.. Anything can happen as Liverfool also won over Burley last night.. While ManUnited will face with Sunderland this weekend.. ManUnited also has opportunity to get rid off Chelsea.. Only times will tell everything.. Until end of the season, anything can happend.. For Arsenal, they sholud forget about the title as last weekend they ended up with draw against Manchester City

and dun forget that problem bear by Chelsea regarding Wright Philip transfer matter that against the rules and law definetly.. If FA decides that some points will deduct from Chelsea, they will end with less point...

Hohoho.. I hope so.. Glory, Glory Man United..

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2 jari dompok

  1. ooohh ye ke point chelsea will be deducted. berita itu sgt mmg aku impikan dari dulu lagi. aku harap je hit ni rahsie terbongkar ke bg rasuah. sronok gak

  2. huhuhu belum pasti la kena deduct ke x.. related article pasal tuh dah hilangla.. dulu once pernah publish kat mymanutd.. harap2 kena deduct juga,. heheh setakat fined jer.. xbesh laa..kan..kan..kan


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