Shahir Juara AF8..

2:18 AM

hohoho.. finally Shahir dipilih menjadi juara AF8.. dah expect pun he will be the winner.. well.. he deserved too.. but, one thing yang weird is.. kenapa di suatu ketika dahulu dia diundi keluar oleh voters.. and then dipilih masuk semula oleh voters... adakah ini juga satu politik astro atau hanya gimik.. as I knew, Norman really loves the tone of his voice.. and dun be surprised if he proposed Shahir to be one of their new artist..

tak dinafikan, other finalists already did their best.. but everything is on voters... As the first day, shahir diundi masuk, his votes already increases and he lead the chart.. no wonder he won tonight.. mmg sedap suara and everybody love his new song who composed by Edry KRU.. even all the new song whho sang by all the finalists being composed by him..

actually, i didnt follow this reality programme.. ala2 drop by jer.. tengok ala kadar.. but I like the tone of maulana which more to jazzy.. xramai singer kita yang more to jazz... Adira pun ok juga.. she has a great voice..

the Official result..

1. Shahir
2. Adira
3. Daus
4. Maulana
5. Iwan

well, just wanna share a few videos of them..

Shahir AF8 - Kebahagiaan Dalam Perpisahan (Official MTV)

Adira AF8 - Ku Ada Kamu (Official MTV)

Daus AF8 - Kenapa

Maulana AF8 - RSVP

Iwan AF8 - V.I.P.

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