A Stressful Week

12:54 AM

Calling for a stressful week? yupppy yup... so stress plus with to run over the due date of audited account to submit to clients kan.. so, i'm super duper inconsistent in eating, sleeping, emotional and also physical.. dah la almost everyday kena marah kan... eventho i'm not the person who supposed to handle the job.. who is gonna to be blame??  my lovely bos... hahaha...

btw, lupa nak story that nowadays, i'm working with one of audit firm in here.. [prefer not to specify the audit firm] so, until the end of June..[hopefully it will be so soon to finish it all] our company has to run over to meet the due date before clients have their annual general meeting... ini pun ada 5 more clients to be settle tau.. kena rush sokmo... and there is still a calling of stressful week..! dengan kehadiran 6 orang budak praktikal, hopefully burden to should be less la... kasihanilah saya yang terpaksa OT hingga lewat malam... huhuhu

so, dah 2 minggu we all concentrate with one client ni.. as for me, everything is ok.. but a bit lacking in term of documents supporting.. and its just  a piece of common problem.. the main problem is with my bos tuh la.. kicik punya hal pun dia boleh jadikan besar.. and he once marah kami in front of client.. it's so embarrassed me and my friends.. malu sangat-sangat and rasa macam nak menangis jer on that time..

Kami really enjoy presenting our job kat sana.. but bila my boss datang everything change to a very weird situation.. mood nak buat kerja hilang and kami jadi sangat-sangat stress when looking at his face.. but between us, we really-really enjoy each moment together..

well, looking at the positive site la kan.. i've learnt a lot of things that i think i can't get it outside.. lagipun, I already increased my communication skill.. eventho still need to be improve.. and i gained another experience.. yang itu sangat-sangat appreciate.. and I dah mula recover what I have missed for two years... hoyeh...

negative site?? well, pretend not to be discuss as there's A LOT... but frankly speaking i am not going to married with HIS WAY..

huhuhu just wanna share a few moment together with my office mate [ tiqah+akma+fatin+anne+dira+izani ].. akma do upload the pics faster ok..

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