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 Succesful JM's 2nd Video Recording Potluck Party + Mini 501 Day Celebration!

Last Saturday [1st May 2010] Tripple S Malaysia was organized a gath regarding 2nd video recordung for Jung Min's Birthday bash.. the gath was headed by Tyra [ u did a good job girl].. as the gath was on the public holiday, only 13 of their members were attended and of course i'm not in the 13 of them..[huhuhu i'm so depressed]..

besides for the 2nd recording, as the gath day was on 1st May 2010, they also celebrated the 501 day... even not so many members turn up, as i knew, they have lots of fun and share a lots of happiness together that made me feel envy ok.. each members who attend the gath we asked to bring food.. so, the gath was more to relax with the picnic style... [best kan]..

and, the most important, there still lots of space at KLCC park.. as known. KLCC park usually full with people who spend their holidays there.. and that made the gath successfully running smoothly.. how lucky the 13 of them.. most of the things together plus with the lucky draw segment.. hohoho wish to join them soon...

i wonder, how's the video recording looks like.. i bet it surely superb..full with creativity and full with love.. ewah... hopefully jung min will like the special gift from TS Malaysia.. All of u guys really did the good job...

something special from them to us.. heheh

nice+creative+met with the 501 day

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