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hello guys...
Nothing much.. just to recall these game while I used to play during my university time (2002-2008)..
these are a MUST play game.. ni sebahagian je as I can't remember the rest..
habis kelas... boring study harusla main game ni.. zaman2 ni mmg I just met with laptop and pen drives.. so, in each pun drive must have a folder that contain a tons of games.. buat collection and we'll seek a new game from another person..

mcm game Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.. while play this game, kamus mmg xpenah lekang as we dun know certain term.. and we write down all the answers.. so, bila play another time, we already have the collection of answers.. just to get the 1 million dollar.. nak game la kiranya..

kalau sim city mmg boleh buat xtidor malam.. sbb it was so addicted.. sekali main mmg susah nak berenti.. and Zuma was the famous game on that time.. everybody knew Zuma.. each pc time tu at least must have game zuma.. hari2 mesti nak kena main.. sampai kdg2 xtau nak main sampai mana...

but now, people used to play games dekat fb je...
siap share and help others lagi..
kadang2 penuh notification with all these games..
well, to tell the truth, mmg dulu i'm the one yg so addicted to facebook game..
bila dah meningkat remaja and the application became so update and complicated jadi terus tak main dah..

below are the fav games at FB...

so, pendek kata, memang melalaikan dan mengasyikkan bila dapat main game..
I knew it.. (sbb pernah terlibat) nak2 time main Farmville.. and most of FB akan diblock di mana2 company sbb nnt staff tak buat kerja..
yang tak pernah main... pity of u.. u have to try it once..
hahaha... but please behave jgn overdose...

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2 jari dompok

  1. hehehe .. sy slalu main game ikan frenzy, the sim n farmville.. blh dikatakan addicted gak la.. skrg main happy street kt hp... addicted jgk..wakaka

  2. hehehe.. skrg kita xmain dah..
    takut leka sangat...


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