5:32 PM

school holidays come again... yeay.. therefore, another wedding event to be attend.. mine? hehehehe let the time tells.. but, if u have a suitable candidate for me, just let me know ok... hahahaha...

some of my invitations... well.. more to come soon... hehehehe

p/s:  miza... let the games begin... hehehe

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2 jari dompok

  1. Shida... what a lovely blog u have ^__^
    a nice song, and cute pictures too...
    wowww!!! I love to drop by here.. hehe..
    btw, is that ur wedding invitation up there?
    so r u going to married???
    woow... congratulations, my friend ^__^
    leader will gonna miss u a lot :( hehe..

  2. hehehe nope la.. i'm not getting married yet..
    that were my friend's invitation... hehehe..
    tq, for dropping by here...


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