Yes.. I am back with A&A after 2 years...

11:31 PM

well, i'm starting my new job today.. it's all happen so sudden.. [first dun get confused with the word A&A.. it's not a company name but it's Accounting & Auditing..].as I came to the office to review some of the files.. suddenly the big boss called and ask me to be his staff as previously he didnt want to hire me.. I didnt care if he used to pay me at irrelevant salary as i understood most of audit firms did the same.. [actually i did care of my salary and its almost rubbish ..ok]  as my love being dedicate to this area..and i love the job very much i am part of the company..

and it's almost 2 years i left all the things and i have to start back at one..with my junior  who will guide me for the time being.. Accounting and auditing here I come baby... I miss you damn much!! hehehe i have to catch up well so soon and refresh all the things again.. Thanx god, i still remember some of it... moreover, that company really needs a worker with experienced for the time being.. Lucky me as i've selected informally.

as tomorrow i should wake up early than before.. and i tend to be at the office maybe for the whole night... auuuw... currently the company is busy  auditing  koperasi which all meet due before 2nd week of june.. gosh.. OT.. i just hate to hear that..

so, tomorrow is my 2nd day at work.. wish myself best of luck.. hope i can get thru the environment in peace... get a good relation with all the staffs and i can catch up all the things in the shortest time.. May Allah bless me.. Amin..

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