Oh My..Another bad Incident in this World Cup???

12:14 AM

After USA...now, England made the same thing..
kalah 1-4 kepada Germany.. oh my...
percaturan dan corak permainan yang sangat hambar...
ape yang capello dah buat?
Hope related party will change capello to another suitable person before the next world..
we dun want Capello anymore...
so, England can start packs all their things and fly away immediately...
sangat memalukan... oh my..
Beckham & rio ferdinand tu menggelitik agaknya nak kick je si capello tuh...
from now on... i am supporting Argentina.. not Maradona as a coach.,, itupun satu poyo
bak kata Pela MAradona tu sangat desperate nak jadi Coach..
budget best.. dalam permainan dia mmg best.. no doubt at all
but in coaching... he has to learn more things onwards... xbagus lagi ok..
Go Argentina...!!!

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