Good Friday to Be...

2:24 PM

well.. its Friday today.. Dia datang lagi.. Friday is now moving slowly to Saturday.. what will gonna have for today? well, i will be heading to KL after my office hour to attend a friend's wedding at Ampang... and at 2.30am.. England will play against Algeria for their second match.. and the most important is.. today my bos is not around... sangat2 happy.. hehehe

things today are moving quite smoothly.. so far ok.. still under my control.. cuma tak sabar nak tunggu jam yang menunjukkan ke angka 5.. why things going slowly nih.... still concerntrate dengan kerja yang perlu diselesaikan.. 1 dah siap..[bangga rasanya dapat buat dengan sendirinya] and few things to go.. Hwaiting anak cik Rosli...

then, need to prepare for England's game awal pagi nih... xsabar rasanya.. the 1st things i wanna see is... who will be Capello's choice for the keeper.. please la dun give it anymore to green.. David James please??? and more goals please... we want England to win nih...

Gonna drive for about 2 hours after 5 o'clock.. but, esok kena balik semula kat sini.. Ahad mesti jem.. cuti sekolah kan dah nak habis so.. setiap jalan akan dipenuhi dengan kereta-kereta yang banyak.. kenduri di sana-sini dan please dun speed.. hahaha..

then, its time to get back to work again... wanna finish it on the right time.. xmau OT... hehehe

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