I'm Tired..

11:17 PM

hohoho minggu yang meletihkan.. not in term of physically but in term of mentally... letih sangat2 untuk berfikir...

i'm tired of solving the puzzles.. kalau dapat solve well.. fine.. tp kalau dah 3-4 hari duk menghadap benda yang sama.. xke tekanan perasaan tuh... badan xletih tapi otak yang sangat letih..letih digunakan untuk berfikir..

omg.. esok our client nak ambil draft account diorang and they will have their Annual meeting on this coming 30th.. And the audit program is still pending... still need the document which being requested from client... and time is running very fast.. esok nak kena siap and its a MUST... double trouble ke'tension'an..

and there's a one more pending work which should meet DUE BEFORE 3oth June.. Tax for company.. giler... nak rushing buat tax pulak.. and one of client yang I handle tax dia datang ofis tadi and asked for his complete tax.. huh.. sangat terkejut and xterkata apa dan terpaksa bohong sunat tadi.. and the blackout save me...

tomorrow gonna be a tough day... client dtg petang and we have to finish the audit before it.. uwaaa.... and please dun mess my day esok.... need to finish neatly section Pemiutang Perdagangan yang sangat mencabar minda...

hope everything will run smoothly esok.. xda tekanan dari pihak mana2.. do your own task and pls dun disturb me... hahaha...

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