Saturday Morning

10:43 AM

Morning... Its saturday today...

how's the day? I'm starting the day today by going for a jog.. well..its good for me as I want to put down my weight hahahaha while breath with the fresh air.. sangat-sangat nyaman.. but jus jogging around the taman perumahan as taman rekreasi yang betul-betul for riadah is still on progress... sungguh kasihan.. as long its good for health it doesnt matter wherever u do your exercise..

then, I dropped by at 7E to buy breakfast.. Alah beli sebuku roti toastem gardenia jer.. ingat nak cari butterscotch tapi susah betul nak dapat.. i dun know y it difficult to get the bread here...

but tadi I prefer to have a cup of nescafe and a packet of nestum

best tau... u should have a try.. ada rasa epal sikit.. sweet sour la.. good for heatlh too and mengenyangkan... well.. in the mean time, i am doing laundry and this afternoon i'll be going to a wedding ceremony.. gosh, i'm sick to attend it...when will be mine? keep thinking of it... please my prince charming, could u plz appear ASAP.. hahahaha...

Last but not least...

Saengil Chukha Hamnida Park Jung Min (SS501)
Wish You all The best in Your Future Undertakings
p/s: i am currently addicted to their music..

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