Nora Elena..Seth Tan & Kasih Suci

5:07 PM

Assalamualaikum..and Good Morning..(just passed the midnite)

erm, what am I going to story eh.. well, u can guess it by reading the headline kan..
It's all about Nora Elena.. Seth Tan and the novel Kasih Suci where its been airing from Monday to Thursday 7.00pm on Tv3.. yang rating dia memang increase everyday..

well, I tak tengok from the beginning of the story because of I'm not very interested dengan cerita Melayu which I found that the storyline almost same.. kan..typical la jalan cerita dia.. tapi disebabkan selalu mendengar ringkasan cerita from two unauthorised producers kat office suddenly make me eager to watch the drama.. ah hari2 dorang duk citer..kita macam org bodih plak.. terpinga-pinga as i didn't know nothing...

haaa..bile dah tengok, sekali terjatuh cinta pulak dengan Nora Elena.. the most attraction? of course the most handsome, macho and romantic actor who is Aaron Aziz.. oii boleh gugur jantung ni while watching how romantic he is.. tuh yang kadang2 terlopong tengok cerita tuh.. and mula la start berimiginasi.. konon2 nak juga dilayan seromantic macam tuh..i know, bukan I sorang je ada this kinda of feeling.. boleh cakap most of the viewers pun.. dun try to deny your feeling.. it shows that i'm normal.. kalau tgk saje langsung xda feeling memang something wrong la tuh.. now, i'm trying to find the novel plak which titled "Kasih  Yang Suci" adoi penangan dia kan.. yelah as know this drama was adaptation from the novel.. dah tgk drama kena la baca novel plak.. baru feeling to complete... hehehe... dah cari 1 Temerloh, but can't find it.. according to one blogger the stock is limited now.. those yang nak order can read it tru this blog Beli Novel... while stock available...

so, jom tengok this drama... the climax of the story is nearer now.. for those yng tertinggal from the star you can catch up this drama tru youtube & most of the bloggers do have the link.. even you can watch tru just google tonton nora elena online... and thousands of link will offer to you.. just spend the time to enjoy this drama guys..

well, i'll ended my writing here.. till we meet again soon! by now enjoy The SOundtrack from drama Nora Elena

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