Wedding Invitation - Ezaini's Turn

3:32 PM

Salam Readers and Good Afternoon..

It's Friday dah.. and sharp the time shows 5.30pm its weekend.. yeay.. I love weekend..
ok, today i'm meeting with Miss Ezaini, my practical students last year.. together with cikbu malmal..

we had a lunch together at Old Town Temerloh.. not that Mamak's Old Town.. Thank you for the treat Zaini.. hehe.. we spent time together cerita-ceriti.. mengimbau some previous moment together.. and yang penting dapat naik her new baby CCW.. hehe thank you for gave us a free ride dear.. she's a tutor now at UiTM Kuala Pilah and planning to further her Master very soon to be permanent lecturer. [i'm proud of her]

well, straight to the point.. she's getting married this coming Deccember ok.. takde tunang2.. terus nikah je.. [i like].. so, tujuan utama dia tadi opkos la sending her invitation card.. Alhamdulillah dah sampai seru dia.. next, supposed to be Atiqah Mastura pulak as she's just engaged last month with his soul mate.. same situation dengan zaini.. also bakal disatukan dengan pilihan hati... abang sime darby yang kerja di Serawak [sorry kalau salah].. Congratulation Zaini..

so, we didnt have plan yet.. so kena tanya our kawan-kawan.. pergi ramai-ramai much more merrier kan.. xdala sorang-sorang.. sebab dia bagi by hand we should give more effort to attend la.. hehe don't worry zaini, xda aral sampaila kamiorang ke Tembangau.. Special treatment pelis... hahaha

nothing much, i'm uploading her wedding card hokkay!!

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