Not there, but still there! MAC I LOVE! Part 1 !

3:41 PM

Salam and Afternoon my dear readers..

well, being ages tak update blog kan... well.. kekangan masa and of cause kemalasan yang melanda.. yeay!!
lot of things to do lately... to get into the new shoes lagi.. adoii.. but wut to do, it's nature of life..

I'm leaving MAC finally.. after one year ++ being there.. being engaged with lot of things.. get knowing a lot of new things, being experienced with lots of situation.. well, honestly it's a place that i've learnt a lot... sangat.. a place that finally has discovered how I love accounting so very much.. met with a few good friends.. a moment that so precious that i've gone tru..

Honestly, I love been working at MAC.. hahaha

1st of all, thank you for giving me a chance to be part of MAC.. Thank you encik bos coz dah berjaya mengebalkan my ears dengan caci maki.. and that's made me to be tough in life.. Thank you sebab berjaya buat saya jadi kupu2 malam.. thank you sebab bagi claim petty cash.. thank you sebab  bagi buat outstation kat luar even tho it's not that too far.. thank you for your guidence and experience  for all these while.. thank you for showing us your funny action as part of entertainment..and thank you for everything.. sangat!! nothing can repay you encik boss. yang ntah ada berapa banyak nama samaran.. koko..riri..kampar..jolu..

buat practical students yang ntah berapa generasi.. thank you for being part of MAC..being part of my good memories.. Thank you so much for everything.. tersuruh buat kerja ke.. tersuruh hantar document..buka file kotak..index..section semua.. kena ikut jumpa client.. buat document request.. tersuruh photocopy ke.. jadi runner..  kena tahan balik..Thank you.. keep in touch ok.. (ayat fav encik bos)

for you my dearest friends, you know who you are, thank you for everything.. thank you sebab cover kalau datang lambat.. thank you sebab tolong tapau makanan, thank you sebab certain time kena tahan telinge dari bebelan.. thank you sebab tolong 'up'kan lagi kiraan OT.. Thank you sebab sometimes kena tunggu sampai kerja siap.. Thank you sebab pinjamkan telinga dengar my keluh kesah.. Thank you sebab sudi dituduh mencuri pensel hijau ku..Thank you..Thank you! nothing can repay our friendship.. speechless dah.. thank you for always being there.. eceh.. sayang korang sangat! Missed that moment we shared together.. kena marah sama-sama.. mengumpat sama-sama.. tipu OT sama-sama.. jalan2 sama-sama.. nangis sama-sama.. pegi makan sama2..merajuk sama-sama.. hahaha...
For all things,, for all these while i'm sorry for everything.. sengaja atau tak, mohon maaf.. maaf dari hati ku.. [hehe]

so, tak nak touching lebih... sebab that every single moments so meant a lot to me.. eceh... so, i'm just nak sharing few photos.. as people always said that a pictures is worth a thousand words..

but suddenly the connection broke out.. will continue uploading photos very soon...

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