Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Firstly first.. Salam Ramadhan semua..
It's 7th of Ramadhan today...
Alhamdulillah, masih diberikan peluang utk bernafas dan merasai nikmatnya bulan Ramadhan.
semoga amal ibadah kita diterima olehNya.. semoga Ramadhan kali ini memberi hikmah dan kita mendapat keberkatannya..


well.. its been about 4 months bloggy ni terbiar... oh my.. I really got engaged with work within that time.. tiba-tiba being so workaholic kan.. what to do.. saya yang menurut perintah..

honestly.. sangat stress working during that time.. I never feel like this previously even kerja dekat audit firm lagi banyak tekanan.. inside and outside.. to make it short.. actually stress dengan human.. person that I have to work with to.. i can do my job well.. xda masalah.. my problem is with you people..

I realised at my department majority adalah senior.. but it doesn't mean that you are better than me.. we are not perfect.. we are being told to gain knowledge.. learn something new from time to time... then, baru kita boleh uji tahap kemampuan diri kita..
we need each other ok.. then baru la department kita 'alive'

I can accept all the critics.. tp biarlah on the right matter... if u nak critic it's ok.. tp tell me how to make it right.. jangan asyik komplen tp xda solution.. mcm mummy crab ajar anak die berjalan lurus.. things can't be solve if we keep on salahkan orang lain.. we have to sit together and find out the best way to solve the things..

kalau difikirkan semula.. mmg rasa ralat sangat accept this job.. because the environment doesn't suit me well.. tp, on the positive way, maybe ini adalah yang terbaik.. yang paling best.. just be yourself.. even kdg2 people here hurt you so much.. time susah then they saw you.. and lain-lain time they pretend that they dun even see you langsung.. this is my decision.. no turning back time.. just move forward.. harap2 semua yang terjadi ada hikmahnya..

note : rasa lega sangat.. setelah dicurahkan semua yang terbuku dihati kat sini.. i feel free now...

shida rosli

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