New Chapter of 2012..

9:36 PM

Salam Readers.. Salam 1 Malaysia and  Happy New Year

well, We are moving to a new day in a new year.. Alhamdulillah praise to Allah, because of HIM i'm still alive, able to breath, able to perform my duties as a daughter, worker, sister, grandchild, friends and a Muslimah, able to do things that I want to.. able to become a better Muslimah. able to grab the stars...

new year come to replace the 365 days that we had gone tru.. so, it's seem a new chapter of our life, a new hope, a new plan for us to color the another 365 days. sebab tu, people got their own azam baru.. certain people, azam previous pun xlepas-lepas lagi kan.. don't worry can be brought forward to the new year.. but, we must work hard in order to achive the target.

2011 actually left with lots of story and journey.. lots of happiness, joy, experiences, sadness, depressed that I've gone tru. sebenarnya semua tu mengajar kita untuk menjadi manusia yang matang dalam melayari kehidupan masa kini.. it's part of life medicine..

target me, on 2012? hahaha.. of coz to have a better health, to perform my work successfully, to be more careful, to be better than previous, to end-up the single title..[haha, insha-allah, will work hard on it.. just need to learn to terima dan menerima]

whatever you plan, whatever you want without your effort to achieve, it's NOTHING.. so, do work on it..
May 2012 bring us more happiness, joys, smiles, strenght, better health, success, love, laugh, bless and all the best things in the world. May us always thankful to our Creator for what we have now, perform all works with responsibility and sincere.. May our world always in peace and harmony!

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