Diaudit! Team Work.. WOnderpet!

2:27 PM

Salam Jumaat Yang Barakah... Afternoon all..

Well, it's being ages for not updating this blog.. Malas nak mengarang.. If the word spoken can be transfer into writing.. so, no need to type anymore..

so, what's the story? baru je lepas diaudit oleh Jabatan Audit Negeri (JAN) for 3 days.. it's been so exhausted, frustrated and even depressed.. why? because everybody don't want to take their own responsibility.. as usual, people always nak melarikan diri dengan menuding jari kepada orang lain..

i'm not that kind of person.[i'allah i hope i will till the death time] once I've been giving the responsible, it's my responsible for what have gone tru even tho you're just new for it. berhentila dari menuding jari ke orang lain.. and i'm keep on thinking that are you competent for that post.. you knew nothing but you want everything.. gaji nak tinggi.. you want people respect, you want praise but did you ever think the responsible you have been assigned either you had perform so well or not.. tolongla jangan makan gaji buta..

that is why I prefer not to rely on others so much.. sometimes we have to have be independent. whatever it is, semuanya bertitik-tolak dengan niat.. kan..

back to the audit progress, luckily i had a good relationship dgn that team of audit.. kita penah bekerjasama before. and it's nice to see them again in a different situation.. and what can I say is, I learned a lot from that.. by now, the things I should do is, to read more regarding local authorities act and so on..

what can I say on their findings? they find a lot.. and I think we are in not the safe situation.. hehe..
1st stage of disaster has done.. next will come.. in preparing Financial Report 2011.. omg..it can make my head exploded.. seriously.. and time for me to enjoy will slowly go down.. but previous experiences slowly save me.. Thank you!

overall, teamwork, responsible, niat leads everything.. as wonderpets said ape yang penting kerjasama...
well, till then. we'll continue again later..
happy weekends to all!

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