Ombak Rindu - Novel Vs Filem [What say You]

4:00 PM

Hello readers.. Assalamualaikum.. salam Sejahtera...

Welcome disember.. we are moving toward 2012 dah.. pejam celik-pejam celik, dah hujung tahun 2011.. time is so cruel kan.. haha..being ages for not updating the blog.. got lots of things happened.. and of course got lot of stories to be wrote.. well, i'll keep that stories first..

now, lets us talk about the current hottest film.. apa lagi Filem Ombak Rindu arahan Osman Ali.. as known, filem ni diadaptasi from novel terlaris suatu ketika dulu which the name also Ombak Rindu karya Fauziah Ashari. memang goreng pisang panas novel ni as the jalan ceritanya sangat best.. so, its a regret if you out there tak baca lagi.. by jow, this novel dah dicetak semula as the demand incresingly by the support of this film la..

by now, kutipan dia mencecah Rm5.5 mill within a week ditayangkan.. I dun get the exact figure as I just get it from the internet.. Maybe dah lebih kot.. penangan Aaron aziz, Maya Karin, Lisa Surihani and Bront Palare.. semua pakat turun cinema even lelaki pun.. keluar panggung, masing2 tacing.. feeling habis, this is not a lie, but true..!

and i'm not get a chance yet to watch the movie.. nak kena travel for about 2 hours just to watch the movie is not that worth kan.. but, will see next week... kot2 free kan.. kalau cinematu blkg rumah masa tayangan perdana dulu dah terpcacak depan pintu masuk kan..

so, viewers yang dah tengok, what's your opinion.. which is more better? novel or film? yelah realiti boleh feeling lebih sikit as we can see the atr and the actress.. tapi for me, everything must start from the novel. then, we'll understand the whole story more deeply.. hahaha.. me myself dah khatam hat novel more than 3times.. [if the action can be implement when we read the Quran kan]

what ever it is, do drop your opinion regarding this film.. have a great weekend!

p/s: is waiting for the BONUS.. to re-buy the external which has being stolen last week.. will write about it soon!

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