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4:13 PM

Assalamualaikum and Hello Guys..

ok those yang baca previous entry mesti tau pasal interview ni kan... as I told that few days ago, ada 2 candidates yang datang interview at my office whereby the 1st interview was handled by me... so, already got the result dah.. seperti yang dijangka, both are unsuccessful..

what to do, my bos sangat cerewet bila nak hire new staff nih.. mcm-mcm dia nak kaji.. yang paling penting the new staff kena terima seadanya bila masuk tang GAJI.. yeay the punchline kat my office..it's all about gaji..

so, for the mean time, there will be no new staff. so, everything will be handling by my lovely officemate yang tinggal tu and a few practical students.. what to do, all the decision is on my boss.. kita as a worker just have to perform our job unless tak menganggu hak kita sebagai pekerja..

oklah.. i'm ready to have a ride to KL so soon.. to fetch up my little Haziq!

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