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Yesterday, 14th May 2011 by just draw with Blackburn, Manchester United officially got its 19th championship.. Horray! so, lets us say good try to Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool... hehehe.. bye..bye.. try again next season ye.. hahaha..

and of course semua laman sesawang having traffic jan yesterday.. all ManUnited fan keep on posting.. updating status.. keep on twittering the 19th championship.. keep on singing the theme song..

Congrates to Wayne Rooney for  secured Manchester United’s 19th domestic championship with a controversial penalty against Blackburn that leaves the Ewood Park club facing a final-day battle to avoid relegation from the Premier League. Kira dua-dua ada main peranan.. Blackburn nak ensure yang dorg masih lagi berada dalam liga BPL dan xterjatuh ke Division 1.. and Manchester United nak pastikan 2011 BPL Championship melengkapkan kemenengan untuk kali ke 19th..

but, a bit regret sebab I expect more than that.. performance dorg x sehebat performance time dorg lawan Chelsea last week.. paling menyedihkan performance dari keeper sendiri.. adoi.. mcm budak sekolah tadika main.. menggerunkan.. mujur bolos 1 jer.. kalau lebih.. i dun know what to say dah...

a big thank you to SAF.. because of his hard working utuk ke 19th kalinya kita dapat julang trophy BPL.. he's a gifted.. and person to replace him must be better than him.. and it could be a hard challenge i think..

once again.. Congrates.. We deserved the 19th Championship because We ALWAYS BELIEVE! Barca you're next ok! another winning moment please!

last but not least.. congrates to Manchester City.. after 35years finally they got the trophy... well done guys.. Hencik Tevez, you never make me dissappointed!

for now, jom tgk either Liverpool or Totenham yang akan qualified untuk sertai UEFA Cup next season.. huhuhu
BTW, this coming JULY present to all fans LIVERPOOL, CHELSEA and ARSENAL MALAYSIA 2011 TOUR.. wish that MANCHESTER UNITED will organised MALAYSIA TOUR again..

let me ended this writing with this photo..

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