1 Year Already and the War just started!

8:46 PM

Hello readers..
Selamat Malam..

18hb Mei aritu, genapla ye a year i'm working at MAC.. Bukan senang nak bertahan kerja kat sana.. a lot of stress.. dugaan.. yang paling hebat kena tahan maki ye.. because i'm the 1st person yang dcide to resign seawal seminggu kerja last year.. but till now i'm the only one stay at the office..

dah berapa ramai yang datang dan pergi but i'm still there.. no where to go.. tapi syukur alhmdulillah, i learned a lot.. i can't deny it... i gained lots of experience.. deal with lots of people.. and berjumpa dengan ramai officemates even practical students yang silih berganti..

so far, i'm enjoy my work very much.. i'm still there because of my very lovely officemates.. Nadzree and also Jajat.. they  are my strength la oii.. xda dorang i dun know what will happen to me.. even now pun i'm very afraid if both of them being called to further their study... adoi nak face the following day without them nnt.. should be so weird.. sampai la ni korang buat kakak korang ni mcm budak2 dah.. perangai dah lebih kurang korang dah...adoii!

well...the war has just 3days started.. memang memenatkan minda dan fizikal.. apepun, this is what we called experience and the simple way to gain knowledge.. even tho this is my first time to incharge this big job.. so far, alhamdulillah everything is running smoothly..

2days to go in order to accomplish this mission.. lepas ni, the final touch will take over by me.. adoi the most difficult part tuh.. and will get busy with 2 more work yang memang nak ASAP.. plus with taxation lagi.. plus dengan pengakhiran kontrak budak2 praktikal lagi.. gosh... really need some fresh air time tuh.. maybe, i wouldn't see sun for all the time being.. talking to the moon sokmo jah..

for the time being, tengah planning to have a vacation somehere before this coming Ramadhan.. really need one.. oiii dah lama x bercuti weh.. nak berjimba-jimba disamping menghabiskan duit gaji yang ada... hahaha.. xlah, just to find a place to relaxing jer.. tgh survey places to go nih... maybe time tuh kerja pun xda la overloaded sangat.. ermm hopefully begitulah.. last year dah g Cameron.. so this year kemana pulak ye.. keep on planning shida.. hehe

well, should stop here.. and will write so soon.. have a good monday ye!

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