It's all about and love pt 1!

10:59 PM

hello readers..
by looking at the title nampak mcm superb je kan.. but anyway it just an idiot love story to tell... hahaha..
just to share sbb nak hilangkn beban dihati..

well.. its all started when i was in form 4.. around tahun 2000 gitu.. i met this guy in one of chatting room..mmg time tuh tgh "GILER" dgn internet... dengan chatting! baru2 belajar gitu..dan kalau boleh 24hours nak kena online.. masa tuh internet kena restriction kat rumah.. so, mmg cyber cafela tmpat yang dituju.. all the saving money habis kat situ je..

berbalik pada cerita td..i met him that time dia dah umur 25thn kot... dun know how can it being started.. cinta monyet gitu kan.. because i'm not a person yg senang nak percaya pada lelaki apatah lagi pada cinta.. but at that time it just happened! we chatted a lot.. we exchange story.. cards, even photos..even letters too.. no H/p on that time...! waktu tuh dia tgh get ready to fly to US..Colorado to further his study there..and i was get ready too, to entering the boarding school.. we lost connection for a while..!

I did a phone call as much as I can.. kat asrama mcm mana nak lebih2 pulak kan!! konon2 to show caring la tuh! well, that guy sangat ego.. sangat selfish but in some cases dia sangat menyenangkan.. i didnt know why i like him so much... cinta itu buta kan...

sampailah hAri yang he has to fly to US.. i want to send him off tpi dia kata its ok!! time tuh dunia ni gelap ku rasakan... the most idiot things yang aku penah buat is.. potong gambar that guy and put it in my purse.. eiii.. konon2 nak melepaskan rindu... and disebabkan my friends kata muka dia iras2 norman hakim [diorang yg kata..not me] i used to find the poster and put it in my locker...alamak... giler sungguh aku time itu... i'm totally out of mind!

oh ye..he used to sang 'I can love you like that' by all4men tru phone.. eiiiiii...geli...
right after he landed at US..everything moving slowly... just berhubungan tru email...sometimes tru chat rooms..
sampaila disuatu ketika yang tidak disangka-sangka.. he call me from US... xker berbangga on that time... sangat terhawu... and we all declared as unofficial bF & gF..[wht the...] international call weh... senyum meleret sampai tido pun!.. gembira punye pasal!

perjalanan hidup kami terus berjalan.. and he did call me...and at that time i'm changed to be a romantic person... i wrote a poem.. make a card.. and mcm2 lagila.. my life totally change.. he used to encourage me ..bagi nasihat macam makcik-makcik..

until one fine day, both of us lost connection... dah lupe how it can happen.. setahun kot.. hati ini mula merasakan something has happen to both of us.. clash la konon... tp, sbb cinta tu buta dan aku ini sangat muka tembok i keep on send him email.. mengharapkan sesuatu yg mmg xpasti langsung!

tiba2..when i was further my diploma.. he called me.. i dun know how he got my hp number[time tuh dah advance..dah pakai hp]..perasaan lama terus hidup kembali.. siapa suruh die call.. tgk dah angau semula... he just gave me a new hope that we still have a chance!! bodohnye aku time tuh!! and he keeps me on waiting and waiting... bagaikan tiada jodoh kami terputus hubungan lagi..

disebabkan muka tembok..i'm the one yg keep on getting him.. i've text him a lots.. miss called and my world turn to nothing bila no respond from him.. until one day, he texted me and told me he already have somebody..[damned.. he just ruined my life] and they are getting engage.. time tuh rasa nak pitam.. i'm crying for the whole day! konon-konon xdapat nak terima kenyataan..but still hoping that there is still a chance for me to get him back [so stupid of me]..

FYI currently, i cant forget him.. xboleh langsung lupakan beliau.. pernah juga skodeng akaun friendster die just to get knowing how is him today! [still stupid] xsilap..skrg ni die dah jadi lecturer kot dekat private institution.. i'm happy for him.. mmg dia layak untuk bergelar pensyarah!

tp, he left me without saying anything... its all ended dengan tiba-tibe...siapa yg dapat terima kenyataan mcm tuh... ala-ala habis madu sepah dibuang..

disebabkan itu until now.. i didnt believe in LOVE again... i didnt trust GUYs anymore... eventho that's all i wanted to do now..
thanks a lot pada dia sbb meninggalkan aku dengan sifat-sifat negatif ini... sehinggalah hari ini im not interested to find my true love anymore even tho i believe its out there for me...[bajet ade je kan] dun tell me that you love me.. dun tell me that u miss me.. because for me now that's all shit things! time, could you please take away all the memories dengan die.. even bayangan die pun.. i dun want to remember nothing on him! semuanya dah berakhir..its all over now!

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2 jari dompok

  1. i know this story n already saw his pic..mmg sebijik cam normal hakim!!!
    btw gurl pls dun felt that way...u cant hate luv...not all men in this world were like day im sure u will find ur true luv...just keep praying to Allah ok...btw ur story make me laugh..tq dear

  2. thanx dear for dropping your comment..
    this is a humor story.. that's why you laugh when u read tru it... hehehe..


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