Attention KPLI Applicants!!!!

12:50 PM

huhuhu... hello readers!

I'm back...

Firstly for those applicants who had passed the KPLI interview kan.. the result will come out on this coming 17th January... and the selected person yang berjaya will be register on the following 24th January... sangat pendek kan masa yang diberi.. 

but the main point is.. am i the selected one?? hahaha... berapi-rapi cakap or tulis tapi rupe-rupenya xdapat.. at least i already tried my best! hope there is a miracle for this time.. in this 2011.... who knows kan... we have tried the best but at the end it's HIM to decide all the things!

well, those yang nak tahu lanjut can read via this LINK....

All the best.. the same things goes to my team mates Devika...Khidir..Shuraya..Roslaidi and Mustaqim..!!

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