I am Tuesday With Morrie

11:50 PM

hello readers..

just bought this book last sunday.. and it was recommended by kak jan.. wauwee.. seriously... mmg sangat best... sangat touching when reading it.. if you wanna know the summary of this book can have your read at HERE.. lagi best if you get one of this book.. RECOMMENDED ok! i'm keep reading it.. tgl sikit je nak habis... then, nak cari other books which has been recommended to me!

well..insya-allah on this Thursday, i'll go to Raub for audit purpose.. didnt know whether it can be finished in one day time.. it should be harder part because it should be settle within that time... aduh..!! so, tomorrow must be well prepared all the things..for the time being.. i just need RESPECT.. do respect each other.. and be nice to each other !! and one more..dun ever wish to try me... i can be so unpredictable...
gosh..really hope that this nightmare will over so soon!!!

erm, else, i'm working hard to finish this job... at first i think i can do it by myself.. when it reach benda-benda yang remeh temeh.. i'm stuck.. so, tomorrow i will ask my assistant to assist me.. sian die.. few days, even weeks xda keje.. bukan xnak bg but dah tgh2 jalan.. mcm xmanis pulak...

should end up now.. will write so soon!!

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