This is not the last..

11:45 PM

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well..semalam.. tamatlah sudah perjalanan mereka selama 3bulan di MAC.. its a very in a short time... rasa macam baru semalam je dorang datang...

nak buat macam mana... inilah kehidupan... we are keep on moving no matter what.. so, start this coming Monday..our office akan kembali sunyi... huhuhu really hate this... no more gelak tawa.. jerit2... usik2..even no more koko to be... and everything is gone with them.. they took everything we had together...

sedih sangat.. if i had the power.. i'll stop the time..and they will stay together with us for more longer.. kalau boleh nak empat2 tuh stay dengan MAC.. nnt tinggal kami 4 orang excluding koko...mesti tak best... sunyi jer..

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at least we used to have a trip together which gave us lot of memories.. next time we'll have another trip together ok.. and we'll bring along this time Tiqah & Ijat...

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thanx for being part of my life... thanx for share with us all the ups and downs together..thanx for spent time with us.. thanx for having ur time mengumpat koko.. hope we'll keep in touch no matter what...its really nice to get knowing all of you...hope this won't be the last for us...even tho you not with us anymore.. we'll always there for you..

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wish you all a very good luck in your future undertaking.. gonna miss you all so muchy!...

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