3rd Day of Ramadhan..

1:08 PM

salam all....

its friday today... and its already third day of ramadhan.. alhamdulillah HE still gave us chance to accomplish our fasting..

oh ya... i'm just taking 3 slices of bread..a cup of hot nescafe.. sambal terung and a little of gulai daging salai.. its enough for me... this morning i'm feel so sleepy bila bangun sahur.. as usual i'm ok with it.. maybe penangan ubat dari doctor last night..

FYI.. last night i wenT to see the doctor.. rasa macam susah sangat nak bernafas.. and at first ingat dah kena asma.. thanx god.. i'm free from any serious matters.. insya-allah..So.. doctor also give me some advice that need me to be more relax.. hahaha.. maybe stress so much on work lately.. then, if berlarutan again she asked me to see her again.. but for this time she want to take my blood sebab nak check whether i got a relation with penyakit thyroid.. hope i'll get well very soon!

well.. still keep on doing account for Pasdec Mega for the month of July.. seriously.. i'm sick of this.. and its always caused us trouble.. oh God please make it easier for us to complete it.. Amin..during Ramadhan ni time move slowly.. so nak tunggu pukul 4.30 tuh rasa lama sangat.. and bila masuk waktu petang i'm feel so sleepy and kadang2 siap tertidur lagi.. but, its ok as i'm not being burden with lot of jobs.. balik pun 4.30pm..

in the mean time..keep on thinking menu untuk berbuka.. dah round two difference bazaar Ramadhan but yet xjumpa makanan yang dimahukan.. i've still looking for puding raja.. its so easy to make it by yourself but the taste is not the same.. hehehe... its delicious dessert that i recommended 200% for you to try.. sungguh and u'll ask it for more.. well..puding raja ni is part of desert kerabat Diraja Pahang.. so, if i dun mistaken kat Pekan you can get it more easier..Pengen makan puding raja as in here you'll find it on Ramadhan only and if there's a kerabat diraja's event...

oh..today i want to buy ikan bakar at Bazaar Ramadhan Temerloh..dah setahun xpekena ikan bakar pakcik nih.. around temerloh ni.. he's the best la for me.. kedengaran perut ini sedang menyanyi lagu keroncong..

so..i'll stop my writing here.. and be back soon insya-allah


p/s: BPL 2010-2011 dah start this weekend.. Glory-glory ManUnited!!!

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