Kaka rejects City offer and stays at Milan

1:15 PM

ROME: AC Milan playmaker Kaka has rejected a record-breaking offer from Manchester City and the chance to become the world's best-paid footballer, saying the Italian club is where he belongs.

''All the messages coming my way said to choose with my heart, and at the end that's what the choice was. It was absolutely not economical,'' Kaka told Milan Channel late Monday after Italian Premier and AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi broke the news that the player was staying.
''Kaka is staying with Milan,'' Berlusconi told a TV show. ''For Kaka, money isn't everything. ... Kaka is and remains with Milan.''

Shortly after Berlusconi's comments, City issued a statement confirming it had ended negotiations with the Italian club over the transfer.
''Following a meeting in Milan today, the club felt that it was unlikely that the two parties could reach common ground for an agreement,'' City said.

''The discussions reached only a preliminary stage and the player was not involved at any time. No commercial terms were framed.''

Kaka's decision was greeted with scenes of celebration in Milan, but dealt a serious blow to City's plans of using its newfound wealth to quickly build a world-class squad after being taken over by an Abu Dhabi investment group during the offseason.
The news came following a full day of meetings between Milan, City and Kaka's father and chief adviser - Bosco Leite - to discuss a bid that was said to be 100 million pounds ($147 million, euro111 million).

City had reportedly been ready to offer Kaka a salary of nearly 500,000 pounds a week - by far the highest in football.

The 26-year-old Kaka is under contract with Milan through 2013

hahaha..so long Manchester City.. Kaka is not interested to migrate to M.City... Even though the Abu Dhabi willing to pay the highest salary in football Kaka still loyal with Milan.. Even if Kaka transfer to City, will City beat the big 4.. even after they brought in Robinho.. Rumors that also said Fergie also interested to buy Kaka... is just remain as rumors..

No doubt that Kaka will stay in Milan until his contract ends on 2013..

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2 jari dompok

  1. iyup..agreed with it..
    ada robinho pun xjadi juga.. but still ada hati nak beli kaka..
    diorang mana sesuai nak main liga inggeris ni...


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