I missed blogging so much

9:49 PM

Assalam readers. .bloggers. .

Dah bersawang ok my blog. . Latest update pun by july 2013.. see.. For how long I didnt Update mine...

Nak kata sibuk.. org lain pun sibuk.. the main reason is my attitude. Malas...
Seriously. . Mmg masa tu cemburu sgt.. who said that working with government is easy.. cukup bln amik gaji je.. I dun think so.. I juz dunno.. ni my personal view je.. xda kna mengena dgn org lain..

My final xm next week je bai.. n I'm in a dead meat.. masa x cukup.. errr can I stop the time for a second pls.. I do need more time to survive b4 the xm.. and u know what time2 hujung2 waktu ni la byk pulak commitment towards my job.. what to do.. as my staffs n office mates said la 'saya yang menurut perintah'.. dugaan kan...

Ok..I think I should stop here..will write it soon insya'allah..

P/s : sgt stress tgk game yg sgt hebat between totenham v man.united.. ape daa shitty bole beat totenham 5-0 kot.. united draw je.. respect la ko moyes... but whatever it is always Believe. Respect . United

Shida rosli

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