A Quick Blog Update!!

9:50 PM

woah... been ages xupload blog.. as a friend of me cakap.. bukan xda masa but the big M control everything.. hehehe..

well masih lagi in Raya mood but the mood swing back to normal slowly.. alhamdulillah, berpeluang juga menghabiskan puasa 6 di bulan syawal... semoga diberi lagi izin untuk menghadapi ramadhan di tahun yang mendatang... insya-allah.. cuma less time to spend untuk beraya dengan kawan2...

life, goes on as usual... working on the daily days.. weekend for holidays... nothing much different..
but the environment around sometimes differently treated by me...

lot of things i wanna story here, but i must have a WORD to START and yet didnt find it.. biarlah saya mencari dulu...

sometimes i feel like want to stop the time.. putar balik to the old days... I know it never happen and i dun have power to stop the time... but dun u think that the time was so cruel by taking from us the sweet memories...coz people can change even every single thing change as the time is running...

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