Gosh.. I'm totally sick of this

2:59 PM

firstly, im really-really depressed as i missed the gerhana matahari.. im the only one to post that article in my blog and im the only one who missed it.. how regret im.. so, i've to wait another 10 years maybe to see the gerhana matari.. subhannallah, begitu indah ciptaanNYA...

secondly, im really-really tired to find a new job.. even though its out of my qualification... adakah pada masa kini kita perlu main pintu belakang to get what we need? i've jest knew that some of my friends use that kinda of way to get the job especially in government sector.. kadangkala terfikir juga, sia-siakah aku belajar sampai degree? atau x lakukah degree yang dimiliki.. as FYI, papers recently advertised vacancies which has a relationship with Information Technology... not anymore for accountancy holder..

in the meantime, to apply a job nowadays, applicant must have 2-3 years experience in the course they applied.. so, for those who are not being given any chance to get the job... how could they apply? so how do they gonna have any work experience..?? its all rubbish... xda tolak-ansur.. sometimes, dah dipanggil for interview but suddenly they already got the person to take as a worker.. they just follow the rule to hide their secret agenda and to avoid from being taken any action..

then, company prefer to choose somebody who they think fir their taste.. handsome, pretty, cute, sexy, ada hubungkait dengan somebody yang berpengaruh and somebody who is already recommed by others.. they dun even care of their experience and education level.. as long they satisfied.. thats why we ought to find somebody with high posession but they r too fool about their job task... sebab??? recommended by somebody...

so, for those u already got permenant job, pls..pls appreciated it very much.. u r so lucky to get the job compare to others who already try so hard to get a job.. its very very difficult to survive without any job.. kalau xda job howcome u nak sara ur own life.. takkan for the rest of ur life nak bergantung pada our own parent kan.. nak kawen?? still u got to have a job to earn money for wedding reception.. after kawen pun u used money to survive..

im still fight to get a better job.. permenant job.. i've already apply a million of job, but they respond nothing.. paling tinggi they just called for an interview only... bukan nak menyalahkan takdir, tp begitulah permainan duniawi.. As long as u got power and money u get averything.. if u get nothing, nothing u can get.. thats y i hate being among the politician.. pandai cakap buatnye hurm..
ada habuan ada jalan.. xda ape2 just boleh jalan..

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2 jari dompok

  1. alahai.. siannye kawan aku ni.. =( selama ni aku asyik je mengeluh sbb nyampah dgn keje aku ni tapi sbnrnye tak patut aku mengeluh kan..

    hmm, cuba lg shida.. rezeki ade kat mane2.. cuba ko usha2 dgn kak anor tu.. tak silap aku, dia bhgn finance / accounts gak kan? mana tau kot2 dia leh tolong.. jgn sedih2 ye..

  2. hehehe thanx my dearest lovely friend... xda la kesal sepenuhnya,..cume meluahkan rasa yg terpendam dihati... hehehe


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