3:54 PM

well, today dah masuk 2nd days i've doing nothing.. just spent time by watching marathon fullhouse starting saturday until today which is the last...

so, it's quite boring without doing nothing.. i still jobless since my contract wont get renewed by my selfish x-principal.. its doesnt matter with me as aku percaya rezki ada di mana-mana..

tonite, i decides to spend my time with my friends.. nak pegi wangsa Maju walk.. to have some dinner and bowling.. hehehe, guess what, i've never played bowling before.. its sound weird but its true.. so tonite is my 1st time hehe.. kena be professional.. xnak terlalu teruja... so, tonite aku bolehla snap2 pictures, gossiping, sightseeing, window shopping etc......

currently, aku tgh tgk marathon Fullhouse, drama popular korea tuh.. i even dun know for how many times i did watch it.. ntahla for me, lagu2 dia best, jalan cerita die comedy romantic and for the most pelakon dia handsome and cun.. so dah 3 days non-stop aku tgk,. and today is the finale..

alah.. malam ni aku lupe lg nak tgk korean drama juga "BOYS OVER FLOWER' tp kat 8TV tuh ye translate gi mandarin.. x hebat langsung.. kanpe terlalu addicted sangat dengan korean, taiwanese drama nih.,,,

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