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Owen Will Be Better Than Tevez For Manchester United – Glenn Hoddle

Michael Owen will bag more goals for the champions than Tevez ever did, claims the former Tottenham midfielder...Gill Clark

Former England manager Glen Hoddle has insisted that Michael Owen will be a better attacking option than Carlos Tevez for Manchester United.

Owen went from Newcastle United to Old Trafford on Friday in a move that has taken the football world by surprise.

However, Hoddle insisted the transfer would suit Owen perfectly and he tipped the striker to thrive at his new club.

“The way United play will suit Michael down to the ground,” Hoddle told the Sunday Mirror.

“Possession football and a lot of chances. It couldn't be better for him.“At United, he won't be the focal point of the team. He will have the likes of Rooney, Berbatov and Valencia around him.

They are match-winners as well. He will thrive at United.

”Hoddle also insisted that Owen would outscore Tevez, who rejected the chance to stay on at the club and now looks set to move to Manchester City instead.

“It is a superb bit of business by Sir Alex Ferguson. I'm convinced it could be the shrewdest signing of the summer,” he added.“If Michael can stay relatively fit and be involved in 30 or so games, he can be better for United in front of goal than Tevez.”
yang ini aku xsuke.. suka sangat nak compare taw.. setiap player ada keistimewaan sendiri u know that.. zaman kegemilangan owen dah berlalu as he always faced with injury, bila MU dah beli dia then dia rasa career dia boleh di build up again..
tevez, bagi aku this guy mmg istimewa even muka dia macam ketua gangster.. skill dia mantob.. rajin kejor bola.. tp, mungkin takdir dia dgn MU setakat tuh jer.. sayang juga dia kuar dari MU..
korng perasan x.. most player yang keluar dari MU musti ada perselisihan faham dengan SAF..
well.. wish owen and tevez a very gud luck in their career in the future

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