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hahaha.. it's just a big challenge for me to survive.. New environment.. new officemates.. new teaching subjects and new students with various races..

but, the most problem is some students who did not understand Bahasa Melayu well apatah lagi ENglish.. Bila masuk kelas for ENglish subject, for certain classes I should used Bahasa Melayu.. itupun still some students yang tak faham.. I should used translator to explain something to them.. that's not the big problem..

yang jadi problem, when students are not interested to learn.. Ponteng kelas.. x bawa buku ke kelas and so many ofcreated reasons.. Lagi kasihan when Malay students yang buat hal sebegitu.. Even i've put a very hard try to help them but priceless..meaningless..

Students sekarang berbeza dengan students dahulu.. Their respective to their teachers are much much less.. Dun know what to now anymore.. I've trying all my best to help students.. If they do not intersted to learn, it's up to them.. dah berbakul-bakul nasihat.. nak rotan pun dah tak terdaya... nak marah, seems it just bad for our health... bila buat baik.. soon kita yang kena pijak.. nak denda, useless.. so what to do anymore...

kadang2 kesian tgk students yang minat belajar terganggu dengan keadaan yang dicipta students yang dikategorikan 'nakal' dan 'hyperactive'.. nak2 kalau kelas2 yang hujung.. students are quite weak in learning.. those who interested, i give them more attention.. boys and girls now are all the same.. bermasalah.. kalau dulu boys yang a bit hyper.. but now girls pun sama..

Being a teacher now is a big challenge.. but the top management of the school should take seriously of the school environment and take the best action to overcome the problem nowadays.. include other teachers and students themselves..

what to do yer to make students interested in learning...

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