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TEVES da Super striker

Those in the know rave about United's front man
"Sir Alex is blessed to have Carlos Tevez, a player who regards being asked to do the work of two men as a night off. Tevez is only 5ft 7in, but you suspect he started at 6ft and has worn down his legs with all his running."Jim White, The Telegraph, April 2008"The great thing about Tevez is that he has a heart to play the game. He is not intimidated at all and he fights for every ball."Sir Alex Ferguson, August 2008

United career StatsAppearances: 56

Goals: 20When Tevez scores

00-15 mins: 1 goal

16-30 mins: 2 goals

31-45 mins: 6 goals

46-60 mins: 4 goals

61-75 mins: 2 goals

76-90 mins: 5 goals

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1 jari dompok

  1. emmm peminat MU upernyer...sorry kita bab bola memang tak sehaluan...aku peminat setia Liverpool walau jersi diorang ada tulisan carlsberg...bab tue jer yang aku tak berkenan...walau aku minat tapi aku tak pernah pakai jersi Liverpool gara2 tulisan tue...apapun aku nak link blog ko nie sebab aku memang nak mencari seramai mungkin blogger dari pahang terutama bera...


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