Me back in here.. just missed it very Much!

11:01 PM

As Salam guys..
A very Good Evening..

Alamak.. being ages betul for not being here.. am so workaholic lately.. dah macam CEO..even minister je.. non-stop working.. yang weird lebih busy from previous company... busy to catch up with people around yang macam2 perangai.. damn!.. its really hard..

betul kata pujangga.. bila dah xda depan mata baru nak menghargai.. bila nak move on dengan kerja baru... kerja yang lama juga yang jadi pujaan.. even tho most people said its too hard working in audit company... but i just love it..  got no soul dengan accounting.. but yet still can survive.. challenging juga.. sangat.. and i'm trying to love it..

wuhuu.. alhamdulillah, evrything goes well.. my life.. career.. and I'm planning to further my study.. nak buat professional.. nak ambil ACCA.. insya-allah next year.. sebab this year dah terlepas.. with few papers left.. and also nak apply jadi professional member of MIA (Malaysia Institute of Accountant) yeay..

rindu giler dengan my bloggy.. dah lama x pay a visit... all the setting dah lari.. nak setting baru dah makan masa... so, this is the NEW LOOK of my bloggy.. aduyai.. dah banyak lupe how to set like previous punya.. bloggy, dun missed me again.. because after this i will always pay a visit here.. oh yeah!!!

hope everything will be back as before.. bloggy-bloggy.. posting-posting.. i missed my previous life... hahaha

oklah.. till then..
will continue later...

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1 jari dompok

  1. Salam Shida, nanti email kat nas.hapiza@gmail ek,,coz nak add dalam blog since blog dah di privatekan..


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