Happy Labor Day!

3:49 PM


Hurray...it's a day to rest physically and mentally.. happy holidays to all Malaysian workers.. selamat bercuti buat pekerja sektor awam dan swasta..cuti yang panjang... direct 3 hari woo... except for surirumah.. no such a holiday for them.. nanti the rest of family members kebuluran..

even abang2 polis, pemandu2 bas,lrt etc pun x cuti.. anyway, all of us really thankful them for their sacrification and contribution to us and to our country as well.. For those who are workers but not having chance to get a leave, i'm still wanna wish '' Selamat Hari Pekerja 2009 " dengan tema "Kerana Mu Malaysia Maju" ..

but i do love the month of May.. coz ada banyak cuti.. next week hari Hol Pahang ( 7th May ) then Hari Wesak ( 9th May ) and for most of course Cuti Sekolah 2 minggu tu..

so now, nak kena work a bit harder to catch up syllabus for 1/2 year examination.. [ sempat ke nak meet the dateline ni..]then baru boleh enjoy puas2 during the school holidays..

anyhow..anyway, Enjoy the holidays meaningfully

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